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Servicing urban areas of Arthur, Holstein & Mount Forest

About Us

Wellington North Power Inc. is a distribution company regulated by the Ontario Energy Board. Our company provides safe, reliable Electricity Distribution to consumers in the urban areas of Mount Forest, Arthur and Holstein.
Wellington North Power Inc. has been serving the community for over 100 years and is committed to providing outstanding customer service.  We are pleased to offer residential and business customers with convenient office hours and 24 hour emergency service.
Vision Statement
To be regarded within the province of Ontario as an industry leader in the safe, reliable and cost efficient distribution of electricity.

Mission Statement
Wellington North Power Inc. (WNP) shall provide its customers with the most cost effective delivery of electricity safely, reliably and efficiently. This will be done while providing superior customer service and promoting customer education and green initiatives within its service area.

Values Statement
All individuals and companies associated with WNP will demonstrate the utmost honesty, integrity and respect. They will exhibit the highest levels of dedication, professionalism and accountability. They value their personal safety and those of their co-workers, customers and members of the community. They recognize the importance of cost efficiency and forthright, timely and accurate communication. They promote the wellbeing and economic prosperity of the local community as represented by WNP's shareholders.

Strategic Objectives

  • Manage a safe and reliable distribution system in an efficient and cost effective manner
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Continue to increase shareholder value
  • Meet all regulatory obligations
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